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iPod’s and More

So I finished editing the wedding pictures and even went ahead and created a few watermarks for my pictures as well. I really like the way they came out and they look much more professional to me rather than the little brush that I was using. These can be placed on the photo and give it a little more professional feel rather than my brush that I was using. Oh and on Monday I received an email from Team Mom who stated to me that I was one of the lucky winners from the Qlubb review. I won an iPod Shuffle and figured that since my dad doesn’t have one that I would give it to him. The iPod arrived today and so I handed to him a nice new red iPod shuffle over to him. Oh he was so happy too because he was the only person in the house who didn’t have one. I have already won 3 iPod’s and have given each one away as a gift since I received mine as a gift about 3 years ago for Christmas from my parents.

Here are a few select pictures that I have added the couple watermarks that I have now. Tell me what you think about them please. I’d like to hear opinions on them.

IMG_5105 copywatermk1

This one I used for the wedding pictures

Not too sure about this one

Last One

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