Missing Maryland!

Honestly I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about moving back to Maryland. I really miss my friends and my family that live there but have my pros and cons about moving there. I just really want to be happy in life and feel that moving back there will help me feel better. But I sit here and remember why I love Maryland so much. I think it’s because when I was growing up in Wheaton, MD there were these old Oak trees that we used to climb all the time and use to get in trouble for climbing them in our dresses and uniforms. Gosh I do miss having the freedom that we had when we lived up there as children. Maryland may always be home for me but I also think that NC is home for me too. It’s really hard when you have lived in two different states and both are home to you. It’s hard to choose where I’ve had the most fun and the best kept memories. I really would love to move back to Columbia area because so many of my friends live there and I know that it wouldn’t be hard to adjust to life there. I think though that for the time being that I will have to stay here in NC because of the money situation and also because of Olivia having her daddy here in NC. It’s not fair to take her away from him plus he’s still one of my closest friends.

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