Loving the Warm Weather!


This weekend has been great! We actually had temps that were in the high 60’s to low 70’s. Not what you would expect for the middle of winter but honestly it’s been great! Yesterday when Olivia got home from her grandparents she immediately wanted to play outdoors. She only lasted about 5 minutes of playing on the swing set and then she wanted to go roller skating. So we put on her skates and she did a great job! She definitely is growing up faster than I want her to but hey, she’s almost 5 so I guess I have to let go sometime or another right? Well I captured her first skate ride as she calls it and got some great shots. I also captured the moon coming out and the sun going down. Got some great silhouettes of the trees out back. Olivia even went skating on the road and the dirt road too. Here are some great shots I took of her yesterday. I hope everyone had a great weekend too!!!


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