Dancing and Singing


I’ve always been the one who has been into dancing and singing. I used to belong to a group or my class when I lived in Wheaton, MD that used to do competitions. I always had a blast doing them and I know my parents paid a lot of money in order for me to do them. But when I was little I used to carry around a little walkman with the dance song in it that was part of the routine and dance to it. Now that I think about it if only MP3 players had been invented back then because we wouldn’t have had to worry about us breaking them so many times. I know walkmans now are cheap but back in the early 90’s they were not. I can remember that one time while we were in Virginia Beach, VA for a competition I was dancing around the pool and dropped my walkman into the pool. Oh how classy and clumsy of me. I lost it and never got another one. Instead I practiced with one of my friends instead but if I had at that time an MP3 player than that would have never happened. hahaha. Just remembering Old Times and Happy Times!

The picture above is right after we won 1st place and second place in the National Spotlight! I still to this day have both trophies and ribbons!

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