Enjoying The Sunlight


Yesterday I went and picked up Olivia from school early because we had a doctors appointment. It went well. Afterward’s we came home and Olivia asked if she could go outside and play. It was bitter cold out but the sun was shining so I agreed. Honestly we didn’t last long out there because the wind was picking up and it was so cold with the wind that we both were just freezing. Well I took a few cute pictures of her while out there and thought they came out nice.


Last night I met with the bride whose wedding I’m shooting on Valentine’s Day. I have it planned out to where I will be childless for that weekend because I’m also going to the rehearsal to get things set up. This is going to be great and I’m now less nervous and more excited than ever to do the wedding. I’m sure the day of the wedding I’ll get a little nervous but hopefully that won’t last very long. We had subway for dinner last night and my favorite sub to get is a veggie delight. Yummy! I love that sub too! It’s the best and super healthy for you too. Tonight I’m going to stay home and cook dinner. Not too sure what yet but I’ll figure that out when the time comes. We might just have leftovers.


This morning I had a confrence with Olivia’s teacher at school. She is doing excellent in school and is showing so much confidence and has had a huge improvement since the beginning of the year in her development. That meant a lot to hear her say that because I’m always worried about if she is doing well or not. Today I also told the teacher to go ahead and give her milk again. She has shown some improvement with accepting it at home so we’re going to try it again at school. I’m hoping it was just a small phase she went through with her tummy. Plus she hasn’t complained about it in a few weeks so maybe she had something and it’s gone. Who knows? Ok I meant for this post to be short and sweet but it came out to be a book length. Hahaha. I’ll write more when I return home from Olivia’s school this afternoon. She has a little thing to do at the big school so that will be nice.

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