A Rough Day

Today has been kind of a rough day for us all. First I want to say that my moms computer has been messed up all day and we think that it’s the Devils’ work because she was actually trying to get some Bible qoutes up on it. So yes the Devil doesn’t want her to do that. She has been very frustrated in trying to get this fixed and no matter how we try to make it better it just isn’t working. Oh well, I would be frustrated too. 

Then as for me I’m still not feeling the best in the world but life has got to go on whether I’m sick or not. I got up this morning and got Olivia dressed and took her off to school. She didn’t understand why Nanie wasn’t taking her or why I wasn’t signing to the songs but she understood that I had to take her to school because mom is sick and so since I was the mommy I had to take her. She’s staying the night on Saturday night with her daddy and she is behaving a lot better knowing that she’s going there. Thank you to Terry for taking her for me and for the night. This afternoon I went to the Library to return two library books that I had gotten out for myself and the two movies that were due back yesterday. I checked out two more books for myself and I kept the books for Olivia. I know that we will most likely read a book tonight before I put Olivia to bed. I’m going to try a new routine tonight with her because with her staying up until 11:30pm every night and me having to wake her up in the morning to get her dressed it’s taking a toll on us both. So tonight it’s something new and if that means that we don’t watch TV then that’s just fine with me. 
Tonight for dinner is going to be leftovers. I am not planning on going out to eat again tonight. I am running out of money all together. I’m actually going to meet a gentleman this evening in Nashville who is purchasing my old phone. There really was nothing wrong with it except I wanted a new phone and I could upgrade at the time so score! So tonight around 6:30pm I’ll be in Nashville waiting for him. Well that’s about it going on. Lots to do tonight and not enough time. Hopefully I’ll get to feeling better soon!

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