Teaching Olivia

As most of you know my mom does Sign Language at church and she has taught herself. Well lately she has been signing in front of Olivia and Olivia is picking up on it very well. Last night mom and Olivia were singing the song, Amazing Love and Olivia was signing to it. So it looks like I’ll be picking up a sign language book at the library and teaching her some signs. I know that this would do her some good and honestly the only thing that I can remember from learning sign language was the song “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston and I learned that in the 7th grade. So it looks like Olivia and I will be learning sign language because this could be very helpful in case someone can’t speak very well or hear very well Olivia can do it for one of her friends. This is going to be very cool! Actually I might go see if mom still has her sign language books that she taught herself by and use them. 

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