Last night was GNO (Girls Night Out) for me. I met up with two of my best friends and we ate dinner and drank some drinks. I of course had a Fajita Pita with grilled chicken and had a Strawberry Daiquiri. We had way too much gossip and way too much fun. After dinner and a drink we went to Target to just walk around and I wanted to pick up something too. I almost thought about getting some Sangria but it was way too expensive for me to get so I passed on that. Olivia behaved herself and I thanked my parents for watching her. I’m glad she behaved herself too. Amanda, Robin and I have decided that we need to have more girls nights outs. We need to have a good time. I think next time we go to Chili’s I’ll have to check out a Calyspo Cooler because that was so good Robin!

Today I met with some of my classmates and we had a great time looking back on the past and just enjoying each others company. Not as many people showed up for it but it was great. We also ate lunch there and so it couldn’t have been any better. I will say that it does make me feel old now knowing that in May I would have been out of school for 10 year. Holy Cow! That’s a long time for me. Just joking I still am young at heart though so that’s all that matters. I also got the priveledge of seeing Fireproof and whoa, I was crying my eyes out. It’s a great movie and I’m going to see if a friend will watch it with me. We shall see though. Well I gotta go, dinner is almost ready and I’m still trying to wake up from my 4 hour nap I got today. 🙂

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