Some pretty neat Eyeglasses

With the war going on over in the middle east I know that some of the military men and women have to have some kind of eyewear to protect them. Well I came across this site this morning that actually was started up over 30 years ago in Powder Springs, Georgia and they offer these Wiley X Glasses to all the military men and women. They also have some goggles that the men and women can use that would protect their eyes during the war. I know that for me it would be beneficial for even those who like to shoot guns and what not should look into getting. They are not that expensive and they are shatterproof as well which honestly is awesome because it’s just one of the things that you want to have. I know that this kind of reminds me of the movie A Christmas Story where the little boy wants a beebee gun and ends up shooting a icecicle down and cuts his eye and breaks his glasses. Now if he had only had the Wiley X Glasses then he wouldn’t of have lost his glasses or cut his eye because the glasses would have been shatterproof. I’m actually going to look into get a pair for a good friend that might need them since they love to go shooting and all. Plus I’m sure that friend would think that they rock too! So you should check them out and get a pair if you know someone who would enjoy them!

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