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Gonna See

I am going to see today if Harris Teeter in Rocky Mount has a bunch of items that I’m allowed to have. See I am allergic to Rice but here’s the thing the reason that I’m not allowed to eat rice is because I always seem to choke on it. But I’m able to drink ricemilk. So I am going to try something today. I’m going to pick up a few things that is made of Rice and give it a shot in eating it. If not then I’m out of luck. Last night I fixed a very nice and healthy dinner for me and the family. I made pork tenderlion that was marinated in Peppercorn and Garlic seasoning, then we had some apple and banana fruit salad and had some corn on the cob. Yum. The pork tenderlion came out delicious and was so tender and moist. I am definitely going to have more today and tonight for dinner. Tonight I am thinking is going to be leftovers because I have the pork and I have a piece of chicken in the fridge that has George’s Sauce all over it. Yummy. I’m thinking that for my veggie tonight I’m going to have some brussel sprouts (and yes I love them).

I’ll update more after I go shopping at Harris Teeter.

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