I have realized that I have way too much stuff. It’s weird because when I was living at the house that Terry and I used to share together it didn’t seem like I had collected that much but after today I figured that I have and had way too much stuff in that little house. It’s funny because most of the stuff that I looked through today were clothes that I’ve hung onto that I know I’ll never wear again. Ever! So I packed them up and they are going to goodwill. I did however bring home several things that I did want so that is good but I still for the life of me can’t find my Tommy Hilfiger Comforter that I had. Hmmm…I wonder where that is? I have no idea. I have a few things that I’ll go out and grab before I go pick up Olivia and put them away. But there is a really cute black dress in the items that I know I definitely want to wear soon. 🙂

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