Lights Out

I wrote this entry down on a sheet of paper last night since I didn’t have any internet service or power.

Tonight has been a back to the basics night for us. Around 6:50pm we lost power for what I only thought would be for an hour at the max turned out to be almost 2 hours. This honestly takes me back to the TV Show “Little House on the Prairie” which happened to be one of my favorite shows to watch as a child and even now I still watch the reruns. Well it makes me think that we take for granted the best things in life and that is spending time with our loved ones. I have to say that the peace and quiet has been wonderful because there is no need to whine or fuss over which TV show is to be watched and there was no fuss as to turning off the TV because we haven’t had it. No fussing over if Olivia can play on the computer and most importantly no fussing when it came to bedtime. Olivia is in the bed as we speak (9pm) and there was no need to fuss because with no electricity she can’t listen to her multiple cd’s before bed. No lights to be turned back on when I walk back out of the room. In all this silence the only thing that I here is the clock on the wall ticking and the wind blowing. I know that it might get cold in the house tonight but honestly we have plenty of blankets to wrap up with compared to those who are less fortunate than we are. Olivia and I even read a lesson out of the Bible that I’m reading and that was good. I guess each and every one of us needs to be thankful for all we do have and stop complaining for what we don’t have. There are several things that I have complained about recently but knowing that I do have a roof over my head and parents that do care as much as I might not see it. I am very thankful for that.

Our church has an outreach program for the needy and the homeless and I think that on the Saturdays that I don’t have Olivia I will try and go up to Raleigh and to Moore Square with them. What we do is we take coats, gloves, and other supplies as well as food up to them and it makes their day when they see my van coming to them. I honestly feel its worth it to go because as I sit here and write this on a sheet of paper, it makes me realize how truely blessed I am. Ok now I’m going to check on Olivia and then the dog. Life is Good! And it’s a blessing to be here and alive. I’m truely thankful for having all that I might have. Just think about that.

The above was what I ended up writing just before heading to bed myself. I know that I take having electricity for granted but honestly that has changed. Tonight I’m going to spend some time with Olivia, give her a bath then read to her again. We might even do it in the dark and read with a flashlight. We ended up not having power for over 6 hours but that was ok. It was peaceful sleeping in the dark with no distractions from the TV or anything else.

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