A Quiet Evening At Home

Tonight has been a very quiet evening at home. Olivia has just returned from her dad’s and she is in the living room watching her new Veggie Tales Movie she got from Christmas. She also has the CD that goes with the video as well for the car. Well she is not feeling so hot and is also running a fever. Once again she is having trouble with her ears. Tomorrow morning I’m going to call the ENT to get her to be seen sooner than Thursday. She hasn’t been off her meds for more than a week and it seems that it’s that never ending ear infection that just won’t go away! Please pray for my little one that her ears will be healed this year. I know she is tired of having them too. Well she hasn’t been that hungry lately and so I had a feeling that is what was going on. I also know that when she has them it bothers her to sleep on her bunk bed. So last night I was up on and off all night long while she cried and screamed that her ears hurt. Tonight she’ll be sleeping with me in bed again which I don’t mind every now and then. I finally have gotten some Motrin in her and also she is eating a popsicle for me. So I know that she is not dehydrated. Anyways, will update more on her condition when I know more and it will most likely be tomorrow.

Tuesday I’m taking my grandparents to their heart doctor appointment. My grandfather will be 91 in March so it’s been a little difficult for him to drive long distances. I don’t mind driving them at all. I’ll bring my iPod with me so that I can listen to it while waiting for them to get finished with the appointment. Olivia begins back to school tomorrow and so I’ll be getting up early with her to take her to school since my mom has to be someplace else.

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