Daily Reading

I’ve made it a known fact that this year I want to change my ways and my actions. I want to know more about Jesus and with that in mind I want to do daily devotions. I’ve been talking with my mom about this a lot lately and I think that if I get to know the Lord more and am able to trust in him more that a lot of my daily worries will start to disappear. Mom surprised me the other day and gave me a Daily Devotional Bible to read every day. Plus it has some life lessons and I have already read the first two days. I enjoy reading it and honestly it’s a great thing to read. Especially when I know I need to change not only for me but for my daughter too. I’m ready to make that change and to be happy in life again.

Well I’m off to a local town to go thrift store shopping with a good friend. 🙂 I am hoping that I will find some great deals like I did last week. We shall see right?

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