Happy New Year!

This year New Year’s Eve was a little different for me and also I didn’t make it to the ball dropping. I instead ended up falling asleep and ringing in the new year in dreams. Yesterday Olivia was picked up by her grandparents and spending a few days with them. I had a photo shoot with Robin and it was great. She even took a few pictures of me which some of them turned out really good. I really loved them and honestly we had a great time taking the pictures and acting goofy like we normally do in public. This time though we were alone in Battle Park because honestly I think we were the only crazy folks out there who battled the 30 degree weather. The sun was perfect and the portraits are beautiful. I plan on taking more of her because when she was in a relationship with her hubby he really didn’t treat her right and tell her things that a husband should tell their wife. Anyways, not going to get into that but the pictures are great and I’m still editing them but having a great time. I love my new lens and the pictures that were taken with it well it was worth the money I spent on the lens that’s for sure. Here are a few of my favorite from the shoot. Enjoy!

IMG_0057 copy1


IMG_0140 copy1

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