Wii Games

Over the weekend I purchased two Wii games, one was American Idol Encore 2 and the other one was Boogie Superstar. I love the American Idol one and have already unlocked several things and songs. The boogie superstar one though played great for the first day but then yesterday as I went to play it the disc kept skipping. Not cool at all! I tried to play it again and it still was skipping. I took the game back today and come to find out that they have had the same game brought back for the same issue. Target gave me my money back and I went to the back looking for something else to get. I came across the last Guitar Hero World Tour they had and grabbed it. I was so excited because normally they would have been $99 but I got it for only $77! Yeah! Thanks to my friend Tonya who got me hooked on Guitar Hero on Saturday I figured that this is something that I could definitely play. So it looks like I am going to start playing it tonight after Olivia goes to bed. Yeah! She has been playing her Wii Game that she got for Christmas and has been having a ball with it. I’m glad that she loves that game too! I got her the Island Princess Barbie game. We shall see about getting more games in the future too. I now need to save my money to pay for my car insurance and other things. I have a few things that I need to sell and it will be nice to get rid of my things that I don’t need anymore. 🙂

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