This past week has been very difficult for me. Some things have been happening in my personal life that honestly I don’t feel like talking about with anyone. I’ve just been doing a lot of praying to get me through this hard time right now. I have though learned to trust in the Lord a lot more because I know that he can and will get me through all of this. He has done so for the past 10 months.

Well last week I went on a job interview that lasted 3 hours. I’m hoping and praying that I will hear something soon about if I got the job or not. I’m really wanting this job too because it’s just what I have been looking for. Plus I would get to wear some really cute scrubs (I’ve always wanted to wear them at work). Then Friday night I took Olivia to see Disney on Ice. She had a blast and we couldn’t have had any better seats. We had front row seats and it was so nice too! Olivia did do some whining about not getting any Cotton candy but I refused to pay $12 for just sugar!!!

Saturday was good too and I even made a trial batch of Homemade chocolate chip cookies. Yummy! Sunday was a rest day for me and Monday was a trying day for me. Yesterday was a little better but I still felt like something was bothering me. This morning I feel a little better and am going to do some ab workout before hopping into the shower. Maybe that will give me a boost of energy. I will write more later on but for now I’ve got to go.

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