Olivia Meets Keali


Last night despite having a double ear infection…which is not contagious we went to visit Amanda and Olivia got to meet her new cousin, Keali. All I can say is she is so tiny, beautiful and absolutely perfect. She is just about as small as a baby doll and she is the most precious thing ever. Actually holding Keali last night got me in the baby fever again. Gosh. I would love to have another child one day whether it be me getting pregnant or adopting. I do want another one. Well that’s a whole other story that I don’t feel like getting on the subject. But back to Olivia meeting Keali. Olivia at first was really shy and a little scared to touch her but she eventually warmed up quickly to sit with her new cousin and even touch and kiss her. It was so sweet and of course I had to bring the camera and take pictures. They are absolutely adorable.


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