More Awesome Deals on DVD Players!

This morning I went on the Philips Outlet Store website and found some more sweet deals. I found that they still had the same dvd player that I picked up yesterday for $27 but they also have one for only $25!!! Gosh! I now wish I had the money for this one too so I could get it for my best friend who is in need of a new DVD player. But I don’t but I will forward it on over to her so maybe her parents can get it for her. It plays all of the dvd’s we both have and I will say that rocks! Now I can’t wait until mine gets shipped to me because I want to wrap it up and put it under the Christmas tree then on Christmas Morning I will set it up and have to watch some of my movies that I haven’t been able to like my dance dvd from high school. This is going to be a great Christmas after all.

But Christmas isn’t really about what you get it’s about the birth of Jesus so lets just remember that!

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