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Delgo Review

Thanks to Team Mom, I was able to review a new independent movie that is coming to the theaters on December 12th. It is called Delgo and the film from what I saw is amazing! It has a lot of famous actors and actresses in it like, Freddie Prince Jr, Jennifer Love Hewitt and more. The story is about a man named Delgo who lived in a beautiful land, had a forbidden love and had to fight off bad guys to save their world. It has a lot of action in it, love and comedy. Delgo kind of reminds me of Shrek just by the animation and the line of the story, but Delgo has more in depth things and the film overall is much better than Shrek. This movie is for everyone young to old and it is a film that come December 12th I will be taking Olivia to go see it. She will love the movie and I know that your family will fall in love with the film. The film is rated PG so it is safe for all to watch and has been named Best Feature in 2008 at Anima Mundi. Delgo is a wonderful movie so if you want to take the kids to go see it then feel free to on December 12th.

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