Holiday Sales

This morning I was up at 4am to start on some Christmas shopping for the day. Now I didn’t actually make it downstairs until 5:30am but still I was up. I just started some new meds yesterday and have found that I am able to stay up later and wake up sooner. So I’m hoping that I can at least get used to this medicine soon because by the afternoon I’m so ready for a nap and of course Olivia isn’t at all sleepy. But anyways, my mom ordered my Christmas gift this morning and I ordered Olivia a Barbie Wii Game that she has been wanting. That was actually shipped to me today. I did happen to go into town this morning around 7:30 and go to Target to search for some My Little Pony Sheets for Olivia and came up with nothing. So instead I got her some regular princess sheets, underwear and a sweatshirt. Then I headed over to Dollar Tree to pick up some picture frames and then headed on over to Lifeway. I picked up the new Point of Grace Christmas Album for only $7.99 and the new Michael W. Smith CD for $7.99. I also picked up a new Veggie Tales Movie for Olivia. It’s a tradition since she was born that she gets a new “Beggie Tales” as she calls it, every year. She loves these movies too and for only $5 you can’t beat it. I did also happen to pick up an accompinant cd to sing in church but still don’t know when I will sing it. Depends on how my courage will be or if I get some to sing in church.

I also got Adobe Lightroom 2 and am getting ready to install that on my computer. A friend let me use her copy so I’m grateful for that. But I need to get ready to get Olivia a drink and a snack and then we will play some barbies too!

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