No Sleep

Last night came with no sleep what so ever. I think honestly I fell asleep around 4am and was back up at 6am. I hit my arm yesterday and that led to my hand swelling and causing pure pain. hence why I didn’t sleep! I know now that I can’t hit my arm on anything right now. I will say this..I can’t wait until Friday night because my best friend is coming over and spending the night with me. We are having a girls night in and spending way too much time talking about everything and what not. I can’t wait for tomorrow night. Last night we had way too much fun listening to 90’s songs and jamming and acting like we were still in high school. We laughed and joked about life and that is what we both needed too. So it looks like I’m able to have fun and enjoy life right now. So if you have a friend that you are close to or you want to have a good time, Invite them over and just live the moment and have fun!

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