My grandmother


It really lately has made me think that I’m very blessed because I still have a set of grandparents who are living near us. Actually they live right behind us in a house that we provide for them. My grandfather is 90 years old and will be 91 in March. My grandmother is 89 and she is a delight to have around. Well this past weekend I went to my brother and fiance’s baby shower and I was volunteered to drive my grandma to the shower. At first I hemmed and I hauled about doing it but then I thought to myself that I should be blessed to have her still around. I mean she might tell me stories that I honestly have no interest in hearing but I will always cherish those stories to tell Olivia about. So if you still have grandparents just cherish each and every day with them because it might be one day that I wake up and their no longer here.

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