Secret Mountain Book Series


A few weeks ago I received a package from Team Mom with some Secret Mountain Books for us to do a review on it. As soon as I got the package we fell in love with the books. We received Dream Songs, Night Songs, A Duck in New York City and Down by the Sea Hotel. Each book comes with a story and a cd that we can play while reading the book. Olivia’s favorite book just happens to be A Duck in New York City. She love to hear the story and the songs that come on the cd is just perfect for her to listen to. The book series is the perfect gift idea for those of you who have children, grandkids and nieces and nephews. Another thing that is good about this book series is that the books are affordable as well. So these books have become a part of Olivia’s bedtime routine and we will continue to read them to her each and every night. She loves to read books and this also adds onto her giant library she already seems to have but hey the love of books she has gotten from me. So if you too are looking to get that special gift for your child this Christmas season, then get the books from Secret Mountain Books!

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