Template Change Again

I just couldn’t stand not being able to post a large picture so I decided to go back with the original template I had chosen. I really like this one and I have so many options to choose from in designing with it. So I’ll be working on this template trying to get it just right and the way I want it to look like so stay tuned. 🙂

Today is very slow at work and I almost feel compelled to go upstairs and take a long nap. The rain here is bringing a chilly wind with it and it definitely is feeling a lot more like fall than summer like it did a few weeks ago. I’m now praying that this winter we do get some snow because I want Olivia to be able to go outside and have a snowball fight and make angels in the snow just as I did as a child. I want her to go sledding and just have fun. It was a lot of fun for me as a child growing up and trying to find the largest and best sledding hill in the neighborhood. So maybe we might, just might get some snow and we can have some family time out in the snow. So what is or what was your favorite wintertime activity?

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