Camera and Dinner

So I got a confirmation yesterday stating that my new camera has been shipped. Yeah! I’m super excited too! I can’t wait until I receive it tomorrow! It is only taking really 1 1/2 days to get to me from New York. I actually might have a photoshoot to do on Saturday so this will be awesome if I have it in time. Last night Olivia and I met up with my friend Tonya, and her two children and we went to the Library, and then to Zaxby’s for dinner where it was Kids Eat Free Night. Then afterwards we went to Walmart and picked up a few things. I ended up picking up the book, 90 Minutes in Heaven and got home only to find out that my mom already had the book. So it looks like I’m going to take it back to Walmart either tonight or tomorrow. I do need to go into town today to deposit a check so we shall see about going to Walmart to return the book and get my money back. I don’t need another book right now…waiting for Christmas. So I started reading that book last night and tonight I will be finished with the book. It’s a great book so far and can’t wait to finish up the book. Then I will most likely do a review on the book on A Mom Who Loves Reviews.

Tonight for dinner I am making a Pot Roast in the Crockpot with Red Potatoes, Baby Carrots and onions. I can’t wait until this dinner because I’m doing it all on my own…no help (ok maybe a little help) from dad. He’s the chef in the family…not me. But it’s such a cold and rainy day that I thought why not. So that’s what I have done is started working on my food. I can’t wait until we get to sit down and eat it.

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