Today I had a 2nd interview with the same doctor’s office I went to last week. I feel that this interview went very well and am hoping to hear back from them soon. Then after I returned home from that interview I received another phone call from another doctor’s office to come in for an interview tomorrow at 3:45pm. Wow! I’m stoked! I can’t believe what is happening. I feel that maybe by Thanksgiving I will have a full time job and be able to start saving up for a new car. I’ve been praying a lot too that something will come up for me that is just right. So lets pray that I will have a new career come the holiday season.

Olivia had her sealant and her flouride treatment appointment today but she again refused to have it done so I will take her back in 3 months and we’ll try it again. If you have any tips on how to ease the childs fear of this please let me know.

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  1. Before EJ’s appointment we “play” dentist. We also talk about “plaque bugs” and how we have to keep them off our teeth. I also promise him a good incentive. For him it is going to Jumpin Monkey a giant inflatables place he loves. Maybe a promise of Chuck E Cheese or something would work. When he started getting antsy at the dentist I reminded him about the jumpin monkey and he sat still just a while longer.

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