I Ordered It…

I did it. I ordered my camera today!!!! I’m so excited too because it’s like one of my dreams coming true. Plus here is another kicker…if I get my camera by this weekend I’ve got a possible photoshoot. I’m excited too because it’s for one of my good friends and her family. She’s driving down from Maryland this weekend to visit with Family and wants me to do her family pictures. I’m honored…really I am. That she would choose me to do her pictures. Now I can take good pictures and have a good time. I haven’t picked up my camera in a few days because the battery is dead but I need to charge it and get it ready just in case if I need to use it this weekend. I’m not sure if I’ll have my camera or not by then but if not then I have that advanced camera I have not…just not a DSLR. That’s on it’s way to me!!!

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