A Baby Shower and Ears

Yesterday I went to my brothers fiance’s baby shower. She is due in like 3-4 weeks so we have been having showers for her. I couldn’t figure out what to get her yesterday so I found something at Prim & Pampered for her. It honestly looked brand new and so I got her a Peanut Shell Sling. I hope she is going to use it!!! I would for sure but I have my Rockin’ Baby Sling to use when Keali comes to visit or I’m watching her. I was scared to get clothes because my brother was a big baby and all. Amanda said that she loved it and she was definitely going to use it. I said I’d get her the instructions or I’d show her how to use it once Keali was born. I’m getting her into babywearing even though I never really knew much about it but now I do thanks to my friends who do it.

Onto the Ears part. Olivia woke up this morning complaining of her ears hurting. So it looks like I’m going to take her and sit up at Urgent Care today. I’m going to see if her daddy will meet me there because I’m not sitting there alone. Well other than that things are going good at home. Today I’m ordering my camera and I can’t wait! I’m getting the Canon XS and the Tamron 28-80mm lens.

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