Triple the Coupons

Today I went to Harris Teeter where they had the “Triple the Coupons” going on. Thank goodness for that too! I saved a grand total of $28 off my price and it was awesome too! I figured that I would have spent more but nope I didn’t. I got a few things for only a couple cents worth. Here is what I got on sale:

  • Fruit Roll Ups $1.67 x2
  • Delmonte Corn $.67
  • Delmonte Green Beans $.67 x2
  • Folgers Can $5.99
  • Hunts Diced Tomatos 2 for $2.58-$1.20=$1.38 (coupon)
  • Doritos $1.99
  • Arm & Hammer Essentials Laundry Detergent $6.49 (B1G1)
  • Sprite 6pk $1.67
  • Carnation Evaporated Milk 2 for $1.98-1.20=$.78 (coupon)
  • Healthy Choice Mixers x2 $7.38-$4.00=$3.38 (2 coupons)
  • Spaghetti O’s x2 $1.98-$1.50=$.48 (coupon)
  • Bistro Linguine $2.69-$1.50=$1.19 (coupon)
  • Honey $2.50
  • Cream of Wheat Box $3.29
  • Stick Pretzels $2.50
  • Gala Apples $2.94 (1.84lbs)
  • Whole Mushrooms $2.00
  • Sweet & Sour Chicken $2.50
  • Dannon Yogurt $2.50 (for 5)
  • Hillshire Farms Ham $4.49-$2.00=$2.49

Had a few things that were not on sale like the Soy Yogurt for Olivia and the Rice Milk and a few select things. I feel that I got a deal and was so glad that I went to Harris Teeter today. So if you are looking for a great deal Harris Teeter is doing the Triple the Coupons. 🙂 Go for it!

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