Dentist Appointments and Interview

Today Olivia had a cleaning appointment with her new dentist and she did a great job except when it came to the sealant and fluoride treatment. She kicked and screamed and did everything else that way. So I have her scheduled to go to another appointment next week to have that done. We will see where that goes.

Then today I get home from an appointment for me and I have been scheduled for an interview with a local chiropractic office. Please pray for me because I really need this job and I feel that I’m the best fit as the receptionist plus with having my certificate in Medical Billing and Coding I could help out with that as well. I’m really excited and I’ve got to iron my pants and shirt and get it ready for tomorrow. I’ll have to update tomorrow after the interview.

Oh yeah, last night I received an email stating that I won a $100 gift certificate to an online store, Misikko! Sweet. I was thinking about getting a new hair dryer or another flat iron like the maxiglide or the maxiglide mini to use on my hair. I’ve always wanted one and this will be my christmas present to myself this year.

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