Nikon, Nikon ATB Promotion

Nikon ProGear Gift Card

Now that hunting season has begun I know that there are a lot of hunters out there who could use or who currently use binoculars. We have a neighbor that loves to hunt and I know for a fact that he uses binoculars when he hunts. Well only if he had a pair of Nikon’s All Terrain Binoculars which has earned a reputation among the most serious hunters out there. They are rugged and even are camoflauged which I think is awesome. Honestly I know of one person who would love them only he doesn’t hunt that I’m aware of. But they would look pretty sweet. Maybe it would make a good Christmas gift for him too. Well did you know that Nikon is giving away gift cards which could allow you to get some pretty awesome gear for this years hunting seasons. Yes you can sign up for the Nikon ATB Promotion and here is you can get. If you purchase a Monarch ATB Binocular then you get a $50 Gear Gift Card! How sweet is that? The promotion will end on December 31, 2008. So Hurry up and go make a purchase and get that extra ProGear Gift Card! It will come in handy to get either yourself or your husband something cool for the hunting season!

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