Dinner with Daddy and Slow Work Days

Last night we went out to eat with Terry. It was great having to sit down like we were still a family but it was great. We went to eat at Smithfields Chicken and Barbeque and yum is all I can say. Even though I wasn’t able to finish my food and Olivia played we got to talk some but not a whole lot. Olivia was the entertainer of the evening that’s for sure. And to top it off she had to bring her kitty, Whimpy in the restaurant too (he’s a stuffed animal). After we were finished eating Terry helped put Olivia in the car and we said our goodbyes for the evening. Then Olivia and I came home and she went to the living room to color and I started on carving the pumpkin. We still have one more to carve and honestly I have a feeling that one will be much easier to carve due to it’s size! Then I finished with the pumpkin and roasted the pumpkin seeds which we have a feeling that something is missing from the way I made them. I think I might have to roast them on a higher setting on the oven but the ones that were crunchy were good.

Lately work has been extremely slow causing me to be bored and all. I hate to say it but I’ll be so happy when I get my new camera and can start booking clients for pictures since Christmas is right around the corner. I should have all the money by the 9th of November and will be ordering my camera from here. I found out that the ebay seller I wanted to order from has a problem with getting the camera to people in a timely fashion and I’m not chancing it on mine. So even though it won’t have everything that I wanted I can save up for this plus I’m sure I’ll be getting Christmas money and maybe I can go out and get a new lens like the Canon 50mm f 1/8 II. I can’t wait! So if any of you live close by and would like to schedule your appointment with me then please let me know!

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