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Bella Sara

Do you have any children who are into horses right now? Well Olivia has been into horses begging me to take her horseback riding but I keep holding off because I think she’s way too young to do that. But she loves horses. We have even been checking books out at the library about horses and I’ve been reading them to her.

Bella Sara has a new line of trading cards to help celebrate the Arrival of the New Baby Bella Series. Each card has a picture of a horse or horses on them and they also contain an inspirational quotes on them and they each have a 12 digit code on there for you to play online. I kind of think of these cards as being the girls version to pokemon which Olivia likes but really can’t get into the trading card part yet. But with Bella Sara she can now and she has already been playing with the cards as well.

On November 6, 2008, the website is kicking off a 10-day celebration to where kids can qualify for daily prizes. Pretty neat huh? I think so. Plus they can print off babies’ birth certificates, read stories and get access to special codes and more online at Bella Sara. I’ll be sharing these cards with my neice who is very much into horses and so I’m sure that she and her friends at school can have a ball with them. Here’s your chance to own them too. Each pack is only $2.99 for them and can be purchased at Target, Walmart and most major retailers out there. Plus they make great stocking stuffers so I would stock up now!

Thank you to Team Mom for allowing me to try this wonderful product out. We love it!

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