This Weekend

This past weekend was filled with a birthday party on Saturday morning for a little girl in Olivia’s class and cleaning. Oh boy. I have to say this that I did get my cleaning done in my room and it looks ten times better than it did. I also spent it trying to figure out why in the world my review blog wasn’t working correctly to get the RSS Feed on there but I figured it out today and so that is cleared up. Now I know that so many people are having giveaways on their blogs for the bloggy giveaway and I will have something to giveaway too just let me make sure I still have it:) It’s gonna be good though! 🙂

Don’t have much to write about right now. In a funk at work and need to focus on work rather than blogging right now. I know, it’s not me but I have to make some kind of money and so we’ll go from there.

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