Olivia’s Field Trip to Deans Pumpkin Farm

Yesterday Olivia had a field trip to Dean’s Farm with her PreK class. It was a great time and the kids all learned some things about what you do on the farm. They also got to pick out their own pumpkin and of course the parents got one too and we choose the two largest ones they had in the little patch they had out for the kids, and then we went to what they called the “petting zoo” which honestly wasn’t much of one like we had gone to before. But other than that it was a good trip to the farm. After the farm it was time for lunch and we went to a local park in Wilson and had our lunch and the kids played for a good hour. It was so nice for them to get all their energy out. Olivia did learn one thing while playing at the park…She learned how to swing on her own. No help from mom and she was doing a great job. She can now pump on her own and so we will now have to secure the anchors on her swingset at home so that nothing happens to her or the swingset.

Here are the few pictures that happen to be my favorite from the trip.

100_4371-1 copy
100_4374-1 copy

100_4390 copy

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