So yesterday I decided to get a domain name for my Review blog. Well I decided on Whim to start using WordPress. I am still working on getting the thing installed using Godaddy’s Hosting that came with the domain. I know it can be done although it’s being a little more difficult than I thought. First I had to change the way the hosting was done so instead of going through windows (that just didn’t work at all) I had to change it to using Linux. Now I do get farther than I did before but now I’m coming up with an error saying that my username and password is incorrect which I know for a fact it’s not. Or it can’t connect to my localhost. Ugh. I’m so frustrated but I know that with patience I can do this. So if you know of anything that I might be doing incorrectly please let me know. I’ve gone through about 4 or more different websites trying to help me out here.

UPDATE: I got it installed but now getting different error codes. Working on trying to fix them now. So frustrating but at least I’m making headway! In a little bit I need to go get ready and head to Olivia’s school so this will have to wait but at least I’m going to have a good day today! Lots of Pictures to follow today’s Field Trip to the Pumpkin Farm!

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