It’s Time to Get Out of Debt Now!

Now that the economy is down I would say that it’s definitely time to get out of debt completely. I have to say that I do have some debt from the past and I just want to say that it’s gonna be hard to get out of it completely but I will have to work hard on it. I want to be completely debt free by the time that I’m 30 years old which I have about 2 1/2 years left to go. I will say that completely debt free for me means that I will have no credit card or hospital bills left. I know that by then I will have a new car and possibly a new house (depends on my goals really) and so I know that I will not be completely debt free but still it’s better to have some debt then a bunch of debt. Are you one of the millions of people who are trying to figure out how in the world are you going to pay all of your debt off? Are you worried that if something were to happen to you who would be responsible for your debt? Have no fear because now you don’t have to go through the debt elimination alone. You too can have help just as so many other people out there are getting. Did you know that there is a national foundation for debt management? I didn’t but now I do. I will say that I’m actually going to look into getting help through them for the many credit cards that I have and don’t use anymore because I’m maxed out. Now some of that did not happen from me but it was thanks to an old boyfriend who got a hold of my cards and went on a shopping spree and now I’m paying for it. The American Credit Foundation is a non-profit organization and they can help you and me out. Just like we want to. They can help us learn how to manage our money and get out of debt the correct way. I’m going to look into using their services so that I too can get out of this debt like we are all in. I’m ready to be Debt Free and that’s no Joke. Are you ready too?

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