Still Frustrated!

I’m still frustrated over the fact that I had to completely delete my Microsoft Office 2007 and am having to reload it right now as we speak…well just the trial version right now. I’m beyond frustrated I think because what we thought was a simple issue to fix has become a pain in the butt to fix. I sat on the phone with technical support for a good hour this morning and still wasn’t able to get my emails. I could send them out but couldn’t receive. The gentleman on the tech support was very kind and nice and patient with me and he said the last thing that we could even try was to do away with the outlook and reinstall it. Easier said than done. I can’t for the life of me remember where I put my CD for the Microsoft Office 2007 since I have moved. So I will have to search for it or get a new one. Ugh. So for now I’m allowing myself to use the Microsoft Professional 2007 Trial right now until I can get another disc with the original. Other than that my day has been good. I know that Olivia and I have a cold because she woke up all stuffy and I too did and also have a sore throat. Not good. I’m praying that it’s nothing more than just a silly old head cold.

Tonight Olivia and I are heading into Rocky Mount to meet up with my best friend, Robin and then we’re going to pick up a birthday present for a little girl in Olivia’s class whose birthday party she’s going to on Saturday. It’s her first birthday party of many I’m sure from kids at school. She can’t wait either. I just need to call and RSVP today to the parent/grandmother. That’s about it. I’m sitting here waiting for the mailman to come because I have several more product reviews that are coming this week and can’t wait to do them! Will have Olivia work with one tonight and will post it after she is in bed.

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