Rainy & Cold Saturday

Today just happens to be a cold and rainy day. It’s honestly the perfect day to sleep and take naps, to bundle up with the ones you love or to have a fire in the fireplace (which I might tonight). But it has come to my attention today that fall is finally here!!! I’m so happy too. This morning Olivia and I went to the library to return the books we had and to get new ones. We also checked out 3 Dvd’s and also Olivia got her very own library card. It was a wonderful day too at that point. Olivia got picked up by her grandparents and I will be heading over there tomorrow as well. I’m still a little weary about how I look because of my bangs. But this morning I did put on a little makeup including mascara which I rarely wear because I always thought that it made my eyes look bad. But someone told me recently that I looked nice with it on so I changed the way I wore makeup. It’s nice. After they picked up Olivia I came home.

It looks like it’s going to be a quiet night at home with Mom and Dad in Raleigh instead of being at home. I might actually finish up the purses I started to make and also work on a few reviews that I have to do and post at least one of them. 🙂

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