Morning Everyone!


Today is Monday Morning and it’s turned out to be so far a quite pleasant one too. This morning I woke up, got ready for the day, got Olivia ready including giving her a bath and drying her hair. I also had her take her medicine with no fussing too. It has been a wonderful morning! I took her to school this morning because I had to talk to her teacher about her now being on Soy Milk. I had given her the note and asked if she needed me to provide the milk or if the school provided it since I’m sure there are other kids in the school who can’t have regular cows milk.

Other than that, Olivia said her goodbyes to me and said I’ll see you tonight mom. It was so sweet! After I left school I went to the Walmart in Rocky Mount and grabbed some more Soy Milk, Chicken Nuggets (we were completely out) and got her some soy milk ice cream. That way she won’t be missing out when we all have ice cream for dessert. Just trying to keep her in the loop of things.

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