Linda Eder, Product Review, The Other Side of Me

Linda Eder “The Other Side of Me” CD Review

Today I received in the mail a copy of Linda Eder’s latest CD “The Other Side of Me.” I immediately popped her cd into my cd player on my computer and started to listen to it. I know exactly who Linda Eder is because she had one of the lead roles in the Broadway Musical Jekyll and Hyde (which happens to be one of my favorite musicals on Broadway.) I remember when our high school marching band did the show Jekyll and Hyde in 1996 and I purchased the Double CD to help me learn the music that I had to play. Not only did I learn the music but I fell in love with one of the main singers on the disc. I never realized though until just a few minutes ago that it was Linda Eder that was singing the songs I loved. She has a very unique voice that sounds just a little bit like Judy Garland (who happened to be one of Linda’s favorite singers.) Linda’s latest album is very unique and it has catchy songs too. One of my favorite songs off this cd is Pieces which is speaking of someone picking up the pieces. It’s how I feels some days and so I can really relate. Her other songs on the cd are amazing as well. I feel like Linda’s CD is going to be a hit with those who love musicals, loves Judy Garland and who wants to listen to a very amazing voice.

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