Downeast Festival 2008

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Today Olivia and I ventured out to RM to meet my friend Robin and our new friend Becky. We had a great time and we went to the Downeast Festival. I’d never been to it and so I thought it would get me out of cleaning today so we went. We had a blast. Talking and we figured that Robin, Becky and I are the three stooges. We have realized also that Olivia has a new best friend, Zach, Becky’s son who is the same age as Olivia. After the Downeast Festival Olivia and I and Robin went back to get Robin’s Car then went on over to the mall. We had a good time but it was time to go to the movies. Olivia and I saw Beverly Hills Chihuahua. We got popcorn and a Drink. The movie is awesome and Olivia wants to go see it again.


Tonight Olivia will be going to bed since she missed her nap today. She’s in watching Shrek. After Olivia goes to bed I will be doing P90X and can’t wait. Afterwards will be taking a nice long shower and then will be able to go to bed.


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