Sunday Sentence’s-My Mommy is….

Drea over at Fina’Drea has started a new post called “Sunday Sentences” and I’d thought I’d like to join in on the fun. So here is my Sunday Sentence’s.

Today Olivia came home from her grandparents house and was wide open. Apparently she got a drink that had red40 in it and so she has been wide open since. Not complaining too much about it though. She seems to have sort of cooled off since then. Besides the fact that she just won’t go to bed. She’s still up and she just got popped for coming back downstairs after the last time that was her final warning.

A little bit ago she was talking to her daddy and I’m still trying to figure out why she told him this but she told Terry this to him, “My Mommy is pissed at me” and got off the phone. I was a little angry with her earlier when she told me that I wasn’t her friend and she didn’t like me anymore. Ok more hurt than angry but yes my daughter has picked up on some of the bad words that I do use. Trying to fix that though. So those were my Sunday Sentence’s. Now it’s your turn to join in.

One Commnet on “Sunday Sentence’s-My Mommy is….

  1. Hi Charlotte, I came over from Drea’s site to see your sunday sentences. It’s so true how kids pick up on everything. I like your layout but on my screen the last few words of your sentences are always cut off. Not sure if this happens to everyone or if it’s because I’m not on a wide screen.
    Have a great week.

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