Last Night and This Morning

Last night my sister and her fiance came over so that I could help Jason out with his computer homework. I’ll tell ya, I’m learning MS Word 2007 for sure. It’s really neat. Well last night after we got finished with his homework we decided that all of us were hungry and so we took a trip to Taco Bell and got there about 10 minutes before they closed. Gosh we were so funny. We decided that we’d all order the same thing and dad ordered a baja chalupa to top it off. I’m thinking that in a few minutes I’m going to head on up to Taco Bell and get a Gordita meal because that’s what I am really craving! Mmm…a gordita! Hahaha

Then this morning I got up extremely late, yes I got to sleep in this morning as well and decided to get started on a couple purses that I am making for my best friend. She and her good friend, Becky are going to use them. So I made them then started on another purse for her but I decided to hold off until later on to work on the other two I’m making for her. She loves purses that’s for sure! Well I guess I better go. I have to take the dog outback to his cage, then I have to clean up a bit and get ready for Olivia to come home. I might even make a trip to the grocery store as well. Plus I’ve finally figured out that I’m going to get the Canon XTI because it’s the same camera as the Canon XS minus the LiveView which I could honestly care less about because they kill your battery! Plus the XTI is $100 less! Score!

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