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A Disney Trip

For the past year I’ve personally been wanting to take Olivia on a Disney Vacation. I know that she will enjoy it so much with all of the fun and the adventure that we’d have on the trip. Like she’d be able to see all of her Disney Friends like Snow White (her favorite), Jasmine, Ariel and Belle. She’s also love to see her friends over at Playhouse Disney like JoJo’s Circus and Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse. She loves watching these shows on tv but if I could take her to Disney World then she’d be able to see them in person.

Today as I was doing some searching online for ideas on how to take a Disney Vacation I came across this awesome site that has Disney rentals. We could then bring along not only us and maybe a friend but we could also bring along one of our pets too instead of leaving them at home alone. I think in the long run it would also help us save money while we’re down there because we could cook at the rental as well because eating inside the parks are so expensive. I remember when my family and I went to Disney and it cost well over $100 for a family of 5 to eat inside the park at each restaurant. Not fair and well over rated too when instead we just went back to our rental and cooked our dinner or lunch. It was great. So now it’s your turn to book a Disney Vacation and go take the kids to see Mickey, Minnie, Daisy and Donald and have a good time! I know that when I book the trip to Disney World we are going to have a blast!!

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