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Such a Nice Day!

Today has been such a pleasant day for me. I got to sleep in almost 2 hours and that was so nice. Normally Olivia gets me up at 6:30-7am every morning but today she let Mommy sleep in. I didn’t get up until almost 8:30am. That was so nice too. Then I got Olivia into the Bathtub, washed her hair and got her cleaned up. Then had her dressed and did her hair in Hey Mikey’s (Pigtails) and had her take her medicine, and brushed her teeth. We did this in less than 30 minutes so it was really nice to have her cleaned and ready to go by 10am. Around 10:30am Terry’s Parents came and picked up Olivia and then she went on off to the Pumpkin Festival and was going to stay the night with them. Ahh…it was a great morning. I also made 1 new Tutu that is Hot Pink on Black Satin Ribbon, and that one is for sale for $20, it will fit a 1-4 year old, it’s adjustable and the measurement is 19″. I love making these tutus.


After Olivia left, I just lounged around the house until about 1pm then decided to get ready myself for the day and head to town. I needed to return a few library books so I did and then I decided to get some out. I’m so happy too because it was so nice to go into the library without Olivia kicking and screaming “I want to leave from here”. Next time I go though I’m going to let Olivia get her own Library card. She is old enough to have one now and since we have to read a new book each night I thought well why not get a new book for each night. I’m also keeping a record of what books she has read for the night. It’s great. After that I headed to Target to pick up a few things from there and then headed on home and cooked dinner. I’m the only one home right now and I burned the chicken on the grill but other than that my day has been great! I even colored my hair and it looks good…a little different but I’m getting more into things that are a little outside of my box right now. Trying new things! Well I’m off to finish dinner then it’s movie time! Don’t know yet what I’m going to watch but I’m sure I’ll figure it out!


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