Another New Look

Yes, I’ve done it again. I did a new look on my blog again. I felt that my blog layout before was great except for I felt it was a little crowded at the bottom so I decided to add a left sidebar and honestly I like this layout so much better. I like this one because of how clean and crisp it looks not only that but it looks so well organized as well which is something that I’ve been working on in my life. I am using a different layout too called the Romantico and it was supposed to have two sidebars but I made into one. Plus I designed a whole new header and changed the width of the layout to 1024px. It’s what is set on my computer and some might have difficulty seeing but it was also done on firefox. What do you all think of it? Do you like the layout?

3 Comments on “Another New Look

  1. This layout cuts off the right side of your post, so I can’t read the ends of your sentences. It could just be my computer, but thought you’d want to know!

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