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Sesame Street Building Sets


A Few weeks ago I received this wonderful toy in the mail. K’NEX has teamed up with Sesame Street and started making building sets for children ages 2-5. The kit that we received was the Oscar the Grouch set which had everything to build him in every which way you can think of and included Slimy (Oscar’s pet). Olivia had the opportunity last night to play with the kit and she loves it. She was sad that she couldn’t bring it to school today to show all of her new friends because she really loves Oscar. Besides Elmo being her favorite, Oscar is her next favorite and then comes Zoe. K’NEX began in 1992 and I remember when they came out with some of their first products, we had and still have them somewhere upstairs. I remember on rainy days we would pour the entire container onto the floor and build lots of things with them. Even the farris wheel one we built.

K’NEX is known for their building sets for older children and thought why not allow the younger kids to get in on all the fun too. So at the end of this month the Sesame Street-themed building sets will be available for everyone to purchase at your local retailers.

There are a few different sets that you can choose from starting with the $10.99 sets that has Elmo and his Goldfish Dorothy; Ernie and his Rubber Duckie; Cookie Monster who loves Cookies; and Oscar the Grouch with Slimey the Worm. Each set comes with 14-15 pieces which also includes a Sesame Street activity sheet and educational activies. Olivia loves her Oscar the Grouch set and next we’ll have to get the Elmo one too.

The next one is the $14.99 sets which has Super Grover to the Rescue and Abby Cadabby. Both are 30 piece kits which will invite kids to build their favorite super hero in disguise or a fairy princess in training. (Olivia would love the Abby Cadabby for sure since it’s decked out with pink). Both Super Grover and Abby Cadabby building sets come in a sturdy container (just like the other K’NEX do as well) and also includes the activities sheet as well.

Next comes the $21.99 sets where kids are invited to join Elmo’s World Elmo & his Piano building set. This set has 46 pieces in it and it comes with enough pieces to build multiple builds at the same time. Pint sized building buddies can construct their favorite Muppet duo with the Sesame Street Bert and Ernie building set as well. Of course they come with activites as well. The sets come in durable storage containers.

Finally there is the $31.99 sets which has the ultimate Sesame Street building experience, the Cookie Monster and Hooper’s Store building set. This kit allows future architects to build away! This is an 80 piece set and comes with a durable storage container.

I know for myself I will be getting more for Olivia since the set helps her with her hand-eye coordination that we have been having a difficult time with. I highly recommend this to all parents who want their children to have something that is guaranteed to match their age and also be the perfect solution for a rainy day activity. Plus Sesame-Street is a well known brand and has targeted so many youngsters for the purpose of education.

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