Own a Business?

Are you one of the thousands of people who own their own store online or even at home but you are one of the ones who don’t accept credit cards? I know a few people like that and I’m not saying it’s a bad thing but I’m the one who loves to shop online and if you have a credit card merchant than I’m more likely to shop online there. I’ve run across a few people who don’t use paypal on ebay and it’s quite annoying because if there is a product I really like than it’s like I can’t even bid on it because they are one of the people who don’t accept credit cards on ebay. Like I said…I use my credit card for everything. I think that’s why I’m now in so much debt but it’s alright. I’m going to successful in my photography business and for those of you who want to know I do accept credit cards via paypal. I could send you an invoice or email and do it that way. Pretty cool huh? So for those of you who really want to have your own business or do and want to be able to accept credit cards then you should really check out this awesome credit card processing site! It might help bring you in more customers than you really thought.

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